- Facebook has been granted a patent for an artificial reality hat

Facebook has been granted a patent for an “artificial reality hat” — and it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.On Tuesday, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved the patent, which was noticed by the intellectual property-focused law firm Founders Legal.

And the social ad biz applied for this patent fully aware of the failure of Google Glass, augmented reality eyewear that Google announced rather spectacularly in 2012, only to abandon in 2015 after recognizing its costly, conspicuous specs served no unique useful function in the consumer market, looked foolish, and often alienated people thanks to the behavior of glassholes - a term the Chocolate factory hated but eventually adopted.

    Additionally, heat-generating components required to run the artificial reality display can be given similar treatment and be incorporated into areas of the hat that do not have direct contact with the user, such as the brim. Not only does this improve the overall comfort of the system wherein more conventional applications there is no other place to put these components except in contact with the user.

artificial reality hat

The patent itself states that eyeglass-based artificial reality systems can generate excessive heat at the same time as being “thick, heavy, and imbalanced.” “In addition, these glasses and goggles are designed to be worn on the user’s bridge of the nose, so it is often difficult to incorporate advanced computing components,” the document adds.

Facebook’s AR vision doesn’t end there. The company also imagines its AR hat could be able to connect to additional AR accessories like controllers, phones, computers, or other haptic devices, which you can see in the wonderfully illustrated image above. This means Facebook’s AR hat could serve as a wearable computer designed to power a whole new generation of AR tech.

While it's tempting to muse about the possibility of artificial reality top hats, sombreros, and deerstalkers, the type of hat isn't really the point. For Facebook, hats solve the problem presented by AR glasses. They provide more surface area to affix electronics and better weight distribution opportunities. Better still, these expansive skull scaffolds can keep heat-generating components away from the head, resulting in more efficient heat dissipation and less thermal discomfort.

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