Cheap Fortnite Accounts - Fortnite,streamer SypherPK has revealed three skins

Buy Fortnite Account In a new video, streamer SypherPK has revealed three skins that could help players score some easy kills in Fortnite at the moment: Lt. Evergreen, Crackshot, and Mystique. Deception is the name of the game when it comes to using these three skins, and players can take advantage of the Fortnite map in various ways to surprise opposing players. In order to pull-off each of these feats, players will have to purchase the skins and use a corresponding emote, so those that aren't looking to part with any cash might not be interested. However, the result could prove well worth the price!

Fortnite released the Lt. Evergreen skin, which SypherPK calls the “Tree Jonesy”, on last year’s Christmas. Apparently, the skin now acts as a perfect disguise among the trees and bushes on the map. SypherPK landed on Salty Towers and picked up a bunch of sneaky kills while he simply hid behind a tree.


Sypher has had a Fortnite video series since he started playing the game: “How to Win.” In a video released ahead of the Season 4 update, he called for his fans to lobby Epic to add a “How to Win” book to the Weather Station – the Chapter 2 POI he frequents during many of his recordings.

SypherPK sends his character hurling towards the Zero Point in the middle of the map. But instead of landing nearby, he goes inside. “When you go into the Zero Point, this happens,” he said. His character vanished, and the screen turned into a blue wormhole.

Of course, now that these tips are in the wild thanks to SypherPK, players will also want to keep an eye out for anyone else that might attempt to use these tactics on them. It's all fun and games until you're the one that gets tricked!

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