Cheap Genshin Impact Account - Might and Delights upcoming RPG, Book of Travels, takes this wanderer philosophy to heart

Might and Delight’s upcoming RPG, Book of Travels, takes this wanderer philosophy to heart. It’s an upcoming online adventure game currently in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign that is self-described as a "collaborative and friendly roleplaying experience." Book of Travels is unique in that there are no linear quests or overarching storyline, players are free to explore the handcrafted world of Braided Shore at their own pace. Might and Delight describe it as a TMO, a tiny multiplayer online game, that focuses on emotion, exploration and companionship, two themes that the studio in more than familiar with.

Release date
According to it’s Steam page, Book of Travels has a release date in the second quarter of 2021 planned.

The game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Book of Travels is definitely challenging perceptions. Might and Delight have been more than happy to celebrate that Book of Travels is not your traditional MMORPG. Self-described as a "collaborative and friendly roleplaying experience," there are no linear quests or nagging plotlines. Many of the story beats that guide the player through the fantasy world have been set aside. With no overarching goal, no real beginning or end, you are the one in charge of shaping your own journey.

Today's new gameplay video is much longer and comes with explanations provided by Tuchten. To start off with, character creation is a familiar affair for RPG players. You'll choose a "form" which Tuchten likens to classes, a background, personality, skills, and more. During creation you'll also choose positive and negative traits like "focused" or "disoriented" which forces you to resurrect further away from where you fainted in combat. You can even manually write a backstory, a blank slate which I'm sure will daunt me for hours.

Book of Travels does have some traditional RPG elements. You can create your own wanderer character including their star sign, backstory, and personality traits and there are also parts of the game that let you gather resources, craft items, and learn special abilities. You can be a carefree wanderer driven by adventure, a self-proclaimed historian seeking to discover Braided Shore’s past, or a mysterious cloaked nomad with a knack for brewing magical teas.

Book of Travels is a fantasy game with a serene online RPG experience. The players have to go through deep forest and explore it while interacting with various objects and perhaps, animals. Also, they can feel free to travel to the cities of Braided Shore peninsula.

What’s unique about the fantasy world is that it’s a hand-drawn world where the player has to solve the mission and go through the game. The players can meet new friends there and team up with them to solve the mystery.

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