Cheap Genshin Impact Account - New World has become a new chart-topper on Steam

New World, a new MMORPG from Amazon Games, has become a new chart-topper on Steam. The game continues to attract new players ahead of its official launch.

The MMORPG closed beta began on July 20 and has seemingly been popular with users on the platform. According to reports from SteamDB, New World has seen daily highs of around 180,000 concurrent players. The closed beta peaked on July 25 where the game amassed an impressive 200,856 concurrent players.

That made it the sixth most popular title on Steam, ahead of other high-profile games including Rust, Rainbow Six Siege, Team Fortress 2, and Football Manager 2021. It's worth pointing out the beta is only running until August 2, so it's entirely possible the current level of interest is down to Amazon giving players less than two weeks to take New World for a spin.

There are some caveats to these numbers, though. Currently, the closed beta is accessible to those who have pre-ordered the game, but because the beta and the actual game are separate listings on Steam it's likely that some players could've pre-ordered and refunded that purchase just to get beta access. There's probably also a lot of players who jumped in without having to pay any money through giveaways or because they already had access from earlier tests. It'll be interesting to see how the closed beta numbers compare to the actual launch on August 31.

For comparison, Amazon’s Crucible reached a peak of 25,145 on release day, which dipped precipitously in the weeks following launch. The game was shelved not long after.

Clearly, between FFXIV and New World, it’s a good time to be into MMORPGs right now, with the popular Final Fantasy game selling out digitally in the US at one point.

It will be heartening new for Amazon Games, which has struggled to make an impact with its first games. a Grand Tour game was removed from sale, multiple projects have been cancelled, and reports have emerged of struggles with both management and the in-house game engine.

Amazon's video game division has also reportedly been plagued by mismanagement and leadership issues that ultimately led to the demise of its earliest projects. There does seem to be some hope for the company, however, with the latest New World numbers coming after Amazon's newly-appointed CEO Andy Jassy pledged to help Amazon Game Studios bounce back.

As for New World, it's changed a lot since it first was announced. Tyler played it back in May and said that it had become a more conventional MMO than suggested by early looks at its PvP keep defense battles. We'll have updated impressions next week.

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