Cheap FUT 22 Coins - Ngolo Kante has had his first flashback SBC released for FIFA 22

Ngolo Kante has released his first flashback SBC for FIFA 22. You need to form seven teams to earn the card. As a French international who has played for Leicester City and Chelsea, this means your teams will have a real mixed feel to them. You only have one week to get it, starting Thursday 28th of October and ending on Thursday 4th of November.

What are FIFA 22 Flashback cards?
Much as the name suggests, Flashbacks are a throwback to a player’s previous cards in past FIFA games.Sometimes this may be a carbon copy of an old Team of the Season or a card with stats inspired by a past season.

In the case of N’Golo Kante, his Flashback is an ode to his success in Leicester’s title-winning season in 2015/16.What’s interesting is that the stats on this card are technically a downgrade on his usual 90-rated cards, but it has been released as a cheaper option.

Kante's card is 87-rated with 82 pace, 83 dribbling, 66 shooting, 82 defending, 73 passing and 77 physical as his main stats.

Sure, his card is three ratings lower than his already fantastic Gold card. But nevertheless, players will be eager to know how they can get their hands on Flashback Kante.

How to get N’Golo Kante Flashback card: SBC Requirements
Gold Squad

    Gold Players: Min 11
    Team Chemistry: Min 30
    Players in the Squad: 11

Gold Rare Squad

    Player Level: Min Gold
    Rare: Min 11
    Team Chemistry: Min 30
    Players in the Squad: 11

Past and Present

    Players from Leicester City + players from Chelsea: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 83
    Team Chemistry: Min 75
    Players in the Squad: 11

Premier League

    Players from Premier League: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 84
    Team Chemistry: Min 70
    Players in the Squad: 11

Les Bleus

    Players from France: Min 1
    IF Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 85
    Team Chemistry: Min 65
    Players in the Squad: 11

Top Form

    IF Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 86
    Team Chemistry: Min 60
    Players in the Squad: 11

87-rated squad

    Squad Rating: Min 87
    Team Chemistry: Min 55
    Players in the Squad: 11

How to complete Kante Flashback FIFA 22
To unlock the new card, there are seven different teams needed. Unfortunately, excluding pace, the card downgrades from the base cards in most areas. This means it may not be worth getting the card unless you really want to add it to the collection.

Gold Squad requires you to have at least 11 gold players. Your team chemistry must be a minimum of 30. For a Gold Rare Squad, you must have a player level of gold at the lowest and rare as a minimum of 11.

According to FUTBIN, the full group of SBCs is clocking in at between 290,000 and 305,000 depending on which platform you play on.

As of October 29, for an extra 30,000 coins, Xbox players could splash on the better version of Kante and have him as a tradeable card. The gap on Playstation is more like 110,000, but the 90-rated card will likely drop in price as time goes on.

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