Cheap Fortnite V-BUCKS - Players took issue with pre-edit concerns

Buy Fortnite V-Bucks For a long time now, the Fortnite community has been asking for an option to turn off Pre-Edits. The developers consistently maintained that it was in the works, but never gave a real timeframe.

Pre-edits are the ability to pre-generate your building type to a different shape than the default building structure. If you want your wall to always place with a door in the middle, for example, you can do that

While this seems like a neat feature to have, it actually causes a lot more complications for competitive players. When you’re completing so many actions per second -- between building, editing, and shooting -- you end up accidentally pre-editing one of your four building structures here and there

Players took issue with Epic’s attempt to address pre-edit concerns. Testing the new “Reset Edits When Entering Build Mode” option revealed what most feared would happen. Instead of disabling pre-edits, this setting resets pre-edits whenever you leave and re-enter build mode. It’s not a bad change by any means, especially for controller players. Fortnite caster and content creator Reisshub explained the difference in the short video above.

However, it could still take a while before these changes are added to the game, and since there is no exact date or timetable, it would be reasonable to expect it in a season or two. Leaks have suggested Season 4 will have the biggest event Epic has ever done, and rumors are indicating they are also working on a Fornite x Super Smash Bros crossover, which may mean pre-edits are not a priority, but players can keep their fingers crossed. It's important to note that another staff member at Epic Games has confirmed that this change is not in the current Fortnite builds yet - gstaffEpic clarified on Reddit that the change is in the works, but is not something players can expect soon.

Whether this was Epic misinterpreting feedback or a deliberate decision is unclear. Potentially, fully disabling Pre-Edits is not technically possible and they are trying to do the next best thing. We will have to wait and see if there is any response and opportunity for further iterations down the line.

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