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Starlink: Battle for Atlas sees you taking charge of a group of interstellar pilots, travelling the galaxy, exploring the Atlas star system and fighting back against the evil Grax and the Legion that he has built. As a journey, it’s a great one that is full of intrigue… but let’s not beat around the bush – it’s the toys we are here for, and in that respect, Ubisoft have pulled one out of the bag.

Ship movement, near the surface and in space, is super smooth and responsive, and the game looks gorgeous and vibrant. It runs well well too and all of the varied ships and characters fit perfectly into the style Ubisoft Toronto was aiming for. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is potentially the ultimate adventure game for sci-fans and spaceship lovers. There's loads of exploring, leveling up, and gathering resources to along with the story, and the experience can be played with a freind via drop-in, drop-out splitscreen co-op. They can use the physical toys too but you'll need another mount for the second player's controller.

The well-crafted narrative tells the story of a ragtag fleet of unlikely space cadets on a mission to rescue their father-figure leader St. Grand from an invading alien force known as the Legion. Considering what could have easily been a cookie-cutter cast, the game’s characters are surprisingly likable. The colorful group runs the gamut from entitled-but-humorous social media celebrity and sentient-microorganism-alien to an ex-metal band drummer and even a reformed thief. They chat, bicker and banter throughout the experience via natural and fitting dialog, adding some excellent personality to the mix and encouraging that we actually care about what’s happening. Sure, main villain Grax looks like he was pulled from a Majora’s Mask concept art meeting, but I’m not complaining.

Starlink marks Ubisoft's maiden attempt at the toys-to-life subgenre popularised by the likes of Lego Dimensions, Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and of course the aforementioned amiibo from Nintendo. Without the in-house expertise to craft such an undertaking, Ubisoft Toronto collaborated with toy industry experts to help execute the ideas the studio had in mind.

Gameplay in Starlink: Battle For Atlas is entirely in third-person ship movement, completely free while in space in terms of what direction you can fly, but locked into a fast hover tank style gameplay (think open-world Star Fox) when on the surface of planets. There are dodge, boost, and shield options and each trigger controls the weapon currently attached to that side. The ships are used like characters in an adventure game. You pick up loot, and materials, even moving objects around. When in space, players manually control hyperspace travel between planets and can drop out at anytime to explore ruins.

That said though I’ve hugely enjoyed my time with Starlink, but for as good as it is I want more depth to pretty much everything that is on show. Doing away with the rather tedious hyper travelling between planets would be all fine and dandy with me, but other than that I’d have preferred to see the game move forward a notch with just about everything else. You see, I want more alien creatures to scan, I want a larger variety of enemies to battle, I want a deeper side quest structure to get involved in, and I want just a bit more variety to the whole ‘fetch and retrieve’ idea that rules over the whole damn thing.

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