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Cheap Minecraft Coins You may be surprised by the combination of Minecraft and DLC, but that's the way it is. Studio Mojang not only prepares major updates for the popular game, but also releases some DLCs from time to time. Their popularity is great - it doesn't cost much and they are quite elaborate. This is also proved by the newly announced Star War DLC.

Minecraft’s Star Wars DLC comes with a custom map, 36 custom Star Wars skins, a texture pack, unique Star Wars mobs, and yes, Baby Yoda. The map features 12 dioramas from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian, with scenes from Tatootine, Hoth and Endor ready for the player to explore. Players can take an X-wing or TIE fighter from one diorama to the next, and it is pleasant seeing rebels and stormtroopers wandering around the map. One of the Tatooine dioramas features a Jawa sandcrawler which looks exceptional by Minecraft standards on the outside, and on the inside has the rundown yet charming atmosphere these landships are known for. When it comes to the look of these dioramas, the Minecraft team nailed it.


All these characters born in the George Lucas franchise are as part of a new mash-up, that is, an expansion that combines Minecraft with some other property. Among these we can also find others like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and so many more. What they do is bring us new locations, materials, and aspects that we can enjoy both alone and with other people.

Minecraft has previously released four Star Wars packs, but those were mostly skin packs and not at the scale of this big DLC. Recently, the sandbox game has also crossed over with another popular franchise, Super Smash Bros. Steve from Minecraft is now a playable character in the fighting game. He wields a pickaxe and depending on the arena and can craft using material gathered from the walls or ground.

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