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Buy V4 Red Gems V4, a new PC and mobile MMO with cross-platform play, has launch  on July 22. The game, which is set in the demon-plagued land of Syllunas, features six classes to choose from (Enchantress, Slayer, Knight, Warlord, Gunslinger, BoomBlade) and over 50 customization options for personalizing your character.

At launch, you can expect to see six playable classes. The Knight sounds like a good all-rounder, boasting a classic sword and shield combo; the Magician can dole out impressive magical damage; the Blader is fast on their feet and good with a dagger; the Warlord wields a giant hammer capable of crushing any unlucky foes; the Axler mixes it up by hopping between long and short-ranged combat styles; and the Gunslinger is handy with a rifle and pistols.


Where V4 stands out from the competition for me is that the MMO is launching crossplay between PC and mobile players, meaning that both are experiencing the same Unreal Engine 4 powered gameplay in co-operation. Well, co-operation is a loose term, V4 launches with not only the PVE campaign, but also PVP and PVPVE experiences where players fight against each other while other dangers exist in the same area.

Whether you are ready to play on PC, iOS, or Android device, V4 won’t just look impressive across all platforms, but it will hopefully play just as well. While the graphics look just as crisp as Black Desert does on the small screen, there are plenty of ways to play your way. Over 50 customization options, character changes, weapons, armour, and a range of challenges allow players to tackle the renegade Knights their own way. V4 features a variety of action-filled real-time player versus player and player versus environment (PvPvE) experiences, some of which feature in the launch trailer above.

Enduins also notes that the game offers five different camera modes to match your preference, a trading system, and PvP server battles. In terms of recommended devices, you're looking at a Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 7. The game will obviously have scalable graphical options, but a big part of the appeal with these games is their presentation, so you'll want it to look as good as it possibly can.

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