Cheap Genshin Impact Account - Warpath is totally free on both iOS and Android

Warpath is totally free on both iOS and Android as you will dive into combat that is focused on era-accurate depictions of ground unit warfare, set on large battlefields and campaign maps for both the Western and Eastern fronts of the war. You'll run the units into battle or deploy smart AI to automate attacks and determine how the battle is won on its own through RNG. You'll also recruit powerful Officers with unique abilities and skills that come into play in the middle of a fight.

Coming out of Lilith Games, the same team responsible for the hit AFK Arena, Warpath is a very different type of challenge for handheld gamers. Warpath puts players into the role of a military commander and plunges them into an alternative history WWII real-time strategy experience. As you take on the challenges ahead, Warpath presents a whole host of scenarios filled to the brim with historically accurate forces as they overcome the malignant intentions of the Raven faction’s evil forces that are hell-bent on nothing less than world domination.

Players will take their armies from a small militia group to a powerful all-conquering force by successfully engaging with the game's strategy systems. They'll be able to utilise various, realistic WW2 units that range from infantry and armour to artillery and aircraft alongside teaming up with other players to increase their chances of victory and earning plenty of rewards.

The game promises players maximum control over their units to deliver a unique mobile strategy experience. They'll be able to take direct control of them if want to be in the thick of the action or simply watch from afar as their units automatically target key objectives.

Each chapter contains new challenges to face on a variety of terrain types, in hopes of keeping the combat fresh for longer. Eventually, you will have to forge alliances with officers around the world to consolidate your victory.

Each of these characters has their own special abilities, including healing benefits and exploration experience. In the trailer we can see a little about the game of this new title.

These officers will all possess unique powers that can potentially turn a losing battle into a victory. For example, Florence Borden is a medic with the ability Combat First Aid, which increases the recovery speed of infantry. Meanwhile, Jean Dufort is a talented pilot who can scout the environment to uncover a tactical advantage for your forces.

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